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These Koi Zen Cartridges are designed specifically for use with the Koi Zen Vape Device. Each order includes four easy-to-use pods, which are perfect for consuming the range of delectable vape juice flavors that Koi CBD offers. Each juice is made with 100% organic US-harvested CBD, as well as a group of juice-specific cannabinoids and terpenes. Koi Pods are easy to fill and can be refilled 1–2 times before being discarded—pod lifespan can vary depending on usage, and if a coil tastes burnt, replace it with a new pod. Order as many as you like and fill them with your favorite Koi CBD vape juices for an easy flavor switch-up at a moment’s notice. It is suggested that you fill these cartridges with 500mg or 1000mg-strength juices in order to get optimal usage out of them.

Country of Manufacture United States
Norwalk,United States
About the Company Koi CBD’s mission to provide consumers with cannabidiol-infused products that contain the exact amount of CBD that’s listed on the package. Koi CBD rightly notes that the CBD industry is currently overrun with brands that offer products of questionable quality -- and Koi CBD bypasses all the confusion by only producing products that contain 99%-pure isolate CBD. None of the products that Koi CBD makes contain even trace amounts of THC, and this brand offers comprehensive lab testing to prove to its customers that its products contain the advertised amount of cannabidiol.
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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